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Kitchen, Bathroom and Family Room remodeling in NH.

  Design Services

Blue prints and design work for new homes and home additions
At L&M Construction Inc. we offer home design services to meet the needs of all clients.

Pre-Designed Homes
We have access to a huge inventory of pre-designed floor plans and custom design home plans provided by The Plan Shoppe in Hampstead, NH.. Pre-designed homes are pre-priced, and can be built as is or custom modified. Modifications often translate into increased costs.

Design/Build Homes and Additions
Clients work with a team of a licensed structural engineer/architect and a member of the L&M Construction Inc.team to create a designer home or addition. A full set of blueprints is created taking into consideration the needs and budget of the client. Final price is calculated based upon the design and specifications of the home or addition.

L&M Construction Inc.
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